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Products and Services


  • Bip Taps
    Bip Taps
    For water connection
  • Geyser [kwikot]
    Geyser [kwikot]
    Very affordable and environment friendly energy saving geysers
  • Gate Valve
    Gate Valve
    Gate valve
  • Gi Elbow
    Gi Elbow
    GI Elbow
  • Stock Cock
    Stock Cock
    For plumbing purposes
  • Pvc Gally Traps
    Pvc Gally Traps
    For waste water drainage purposes from inside building to outside drainage system
  • Jacuzzi
    Corner Jacuzzi - luxurious, durable
  • Thread Tape
    Thread Tape
    For plumbing purposes especially on joining pipes with threads on their ends. It helps prevents water leakages