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Prepaid Water Meter Training - 2020

Creck Hardware in a joint venture with Laison Tech (China) conducted a training session from the 2nd November 2020 to the 5th of November, 2020

The training was conducted [on behalf of the Creck - Laison Joint Venture] by Creck Hardware Prepaid Water Meter Technical Staff namely Emmanuel Z.K. Nyondo (ICT Eng.) and Golden Khonje (ICT Officer).

The training sessions were being conducted at the Grand Palace Hotel Conference Hall, in Mzuzu, Malawi. The Training was conducted for the sake of newer users of the system and other users already familiar with the system. Also the training covered prepaid water meter maintenances, accompanied with practical demonstrations of the operations. The following were some of the areas covered in the training sessions:

  • Working principles of the prepaid water meters and the information system (LAPIS)
  • Customer registration
  • Prepaid Water meter STS token purchase
  • Refund Task
  • Mobile Vending
  • Basic operation of prepaid water meter using a Customer Interface Unit
  • Walk-by AMR task execution
    • GIS Coordinates capturing
    • Creation of Walk-by task
    • Walk-by execution
    • Data upload
    • Meter data query using Walk-by device
    • Meter Status check

In the course of the training, participants were given chances to ask questions, present their concerns and provide any requirement input that the supplier could look into so that the board gets their needs met as intended.


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